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Dance is the Art of the Soul of making itSelf  Visible to the eye.

Healing heART

I AM mainly vibrating on the frequencies of Air and Ether.
My energy brings Inspiration and Change: This is the main reason why I’m called to bring My Presence into places, situations and/or people.

I AM mainly self-though.
Actually, to Be precise, I AM SPONTANEOUS: I reveal What I AM inside, simply.
This is because Life is something Innate, an instict that is still Inside everyOne of Us.
The goal is to unveil everything that hides it and let it guide Us.

I simply started by asking mySelf questions, and struggled to arrive to the answers, on my own way.
Because no Teacher can tell you about You: he/she can only show you one of the ways availables. Then, so I did, revealing all the gifts I could find inside My Self, and now feeling to share them to be of example, my turn, to those that are training to in their path to the Awakening.

I sense a practice that I named EXPERIENCING SOUND, which is a conscious listening discipline that involves nutrition, movement, sound, voice and creativity – which are the sum of my personal Life path – all of them interwoven to promote the Connection with the Inner Divine.

There are several ways in whom I express my Being in the Presence, which brings Light, Beauty and innate subtle Healing power.
These are the following.

GROUP | Ecstatic movement

I offer my Presence to come up besides conscious dance teachers and empower the healing energy of the group, being channel of very Hight frequencies.
When I AM part of a Group, Perfection manifests itself as a Resonance which involves EVERY single person on the sacred space, even days before the dance itself.

This happens mainly in Rome and Milan or in few residential retreats during the year, in Italy (Write me to ask me when I’m where).
If you’re a dancer or a Teacher, please be aware that my Movements are totally ecstatic and here is my message for You.

INDIVIDUAL | Harmonic session

I practice sound healing sessions with frequencies of Tibet© certified harmonic singing bowls, forks and/or my voice. I have a degree concerning Vibrational Sound Massage with M° Albert Rabenstain (Centro de Terapia del Sonido y Estudios Armonicos, Buenos Aires, AR) in 2013, but I developped a personal style which is always different on each person, depending on what our Divines feel to heal*.

I AM available in Rome and in Milan on appointment.

INDIVIDUAL | Tataulogy

From my background as a graphic designer and Artist I received by inspiration the TATAULOGY™, an holistic method that is based on the principle according to which a person’s body is vibrating in constant resonance with those of other members of the family. The session therefore aims to allow this systemic “request for attention” to emerge through the (temporary) graphic sign, directly on the parts of the physical Body in need of the necessary Change that would echo to the entire family tree.

NB: the picture is a temporary commercial placeholder

TOOLS  |  Channeling

In the Offering section I share messages from the Heart which can be of Inspiration and Change if You are in a situation of Suffering and stuck.

Experiencing Sound Books contains channeled frequencies texts that works at the level of the unconscious.
They are an instrument of conscious meditation and self-healing for those who wish to practice in-depth knowledge of their Inner Self.

Paper Poetry its my inspired form of partecipative meditation through which I channel harmonic frequencies into the matter. You can order a specific artwork made specifically for you from the Soul Landscape series.

The website – in italian – dedicated to my network of holistic friends: