Dance is the Art of the Soul of making itSelf  Visible to the eye.

Healing heART


I AM mainly vibrating on the frequencies of Air and Ether.
My energy brings Inspiration and Change: This is the main reason why I’m called to bring My Presence into places, situations and/or people.

I AM mainly self-though.
Actually, to Be precise, I AM SPONTANEOUS: I reveal What I AM inside, simply.
This is because Life is something Innate, an instict that is still Inside everyOne of Us.
The goal is to unveil everything that hides it and let it guide Us.

I simply started by asking mySelf questions, and struggled to arrive to the answers, on my own way.
Because no Teacher can tell you about You: he/she can only show you one of the ways availables. Then, so I did, revealing all the gifts I could find inside My Self, and now feeling to share them to be of example, my turn, to those that are training to in their path to the Awakening.

I sense a practice that I named EXPERIENCING SOUND, which is a conscious listening discipline that involves nutrition, movement, sound, voice and creativity – which are the sum of my personal Life path – all of them interwoven to promote the Connection with the Inner Divine.

There are several ways in whom I express my Being in the Presence, which brings Light, Beauty and innate subtle Healing power.
These are the following.

GROUP | Conscious Movement

I offer my Presence to come up besides conscious dance teachers and empower the energy of the group being channel of angelic frequencies.
When I AM part of a Group, Perfection manifests itself as a Resonance which involves EVERY single person on the sacred space, even days before the dance itself.

This happens in Milan and Rome 2-4 time per month, plus few residential retreats during the year, in Italy (Write me to ask me when I’m where).
If you’re a dancer or a Teacher, please be aware that my Movements are totally ecstatic and here is my message for You.

INDIVIDUAL | Harmonic session

I practice sound healing sessions with frequencies of Tibet© certified harmonic singing bowls, forks and/or my voice. I have a degree concerning Vibrational Sound Massage with M° Albert Rabenstain (Centro de Terapia del Sonido y Estudios Armonicos, Buenos Aires, AR) in 2013, but I developped a personal style which is always different on each person, depending on what our Divines feel to heal*.

I AM available in Rome and Milan, monthly, on appointment.

TOOLS  |  Channeling

In the Offering section I share messages from the Heart which can be of Inspiration and Change if You are in a situation of Suffering and stuck.

Experiencing Sound Books contains channeled frequencies texts that works at the level of the unconscious.
They are an instrument of conscious meditation and self-healing for those who wish to practice in-depth knowledge of their Inner Self.

Paper Poetry its my inspired form of partecipative meditation through which I channel harmonic frequencies into the matter. You can order a specific artwork made specifically for you from the Soul Landscape series.

The website – in italian – dedicated to my network of holistic friends: