Domitilla Biondi is a specialist about design and communication. Since 1996 she pioneered the field of digital creativity, bringing value of recognized consideration to the world of the web as we know and use it today.

Since then, she moved quickly into a deep path of self consciousness, from which the result has been of acquiring great knowledge of the potentiality of Being Human, which she loves to share and spread throughout her artistic path to everybody who has the same approach to her path of Beauty, which involves her Self, the Others’ and the Connection with Planet Earth.

She lives in Rome, works in Milan and watch the globe as much as she can.

« I have never received such perfect and marvelous words about my character and my life goals; I am deeply moved and grateful, you have the gift of recognizing the divine in human being and reaching it. This is a gift and a wonderful ability. » Frederich


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