Selvaggia Domitilla Biondi  |  heartist

Enjoy My multifaceted Essence.


The significance that ancient cultures gave to this word is Being Connected, in the presence of the Higher Self, the Yoga. In that state of expanded Consciousness — which is my kind of partecipative meditation — harmonic frequencies are channelled into the matter, manifesting as incredibly beautiful miniature bas-reliefs which vary from chaotic to logarithmic spiral forms.

I carve paper or porcelain, and every piece is unique and unrepeatable, created in real time, to honor the talents that all comes from my Family tree.

On my dedicated website Paper Poetry see all the possibile applications of this incredible Art of Mine, which goes from Interior Design solutions to an open project of Performing Art.

Sound healer | holistic therapist

The path of finding our True Nature pass through the Sound who Heal and the Connection with Our own Body, which is a magnificent sound box (know more about harmonic frequences on my website
Since 2013, I play the Harmony in people, both through my Art of carving and offering sessions of energy field cleaning and re-balance of the Self, using singing bowls, shamanic drum and my pranic touch.

In 2019, I developed the Tataulogy, a peculiar new holistic method based on letting the genealogy speak throught simbolic signs on the body.

I formalized a method of self-healing called Experiencing Sound, a practice of Conscious Listening and I handcraft and offer channeled themed booklets to exercise it.

I receive and share meditations techniques that I personally tested on mySelf.

I constantly practice drum circles, group healing activities and meditation.


I give shapes to Tools that helps people to Awaken into the New Humanity:

– Experiencing Sound Books series are small booklets: tools for self-healing practice and others with just didactic purpose – all fully handcrafted by Me. There are few titles, both in double language. They are channeled words – tools for the Awakening to the New Humanity – dedicated to all those who are on the path of being back Home.

– Risveglio Spirituale for dummies is dedicated to all those people that do not have any experience in holistic matter, to introduce them into it with a smile.

I also have carved a limited edition of book artLeggerezza – created with precious Master Alberto Casiraghy for PulcinoElefante publishing.

Aesthetic Dancer | heartist

Dance is the Art of the Soul of making itSelf Visible to the eye.

I AM mainly self-thaught. Actually, to Be precise, I AM SPONTANEOUS: I reveal What I AM inside, simply. This is because Life is something Innate, an instinct that is still Inside everyOne of Us. The goal is to unveil everything that hides it and let it guide Us. When the Unity takes place, it reveals itself by sharing with You the possibility of embodying whatever form of Beautiful Movement Humanity has known — and the Body becomes Prayer.

I embraced to Be a “hollow bone” and being Danced by the Presence, which brings Light, Beauty and innate subtle Healing power — to Me, first, but to the whole Group I’m dancing with, also. Because We are One, and Space is only a convention, and I’m honored to walk the rhythm of the ancient priestesses.

Dance with Me to Receive heart opening heartistry, thanks.

(You can meet me in Rome or Milan, or partecipating to some workshop. If You feel called by, write me).


Conscious Cooking ambassador

Whatever we introduce in Our System can be labeled as “food” but eating is not only a matter of dealing with nutrition.
I’ve spent mostly a 2 decades experimenting different diets (Mediterrean, macrobiotic, vegetarian, gluten free, raw, fruitarian… ), fasting and the effects of all that had on my health — both physical than emotional — plus the relation that it has with the society and the impact on the environment.

Conscious Cooking doesn’t deal with sharing recipes or cooking lessons (also because my cuisine if totally intuitive!) — nor convince you to adopt a different diet. It aims to help your usual cooking habits to evolve towards a more sustainable path and/or awakens awareness of how to improve personal growth through the relation with food and sacred feminine wisdom.

I’m open to share my personal experience by offering hints of change to your usual view on what a low inflammatory, vibrational cuisine, means and how it can turn to be life changing.

I collect tricks and inspiration of flavors combinations on Instagram:


I started practicing automatic writing since I was a kid. It took decades to trust this incredible inner dialogue and, finally, give a go to let it express its meaning.

I collect lessons of awakening received from 2014 on — the year I embraced with full consciousness my spiritual path. I hope to find occasion to give them a form, sooner or later. Reflections of them are in my Instagram @domitillabiondi

I’m still in the process of fine tooning Me to fully receive infused knowledge that, since always, guided Me so far.

At the moment, I’ve a couple of initiatory written works (cooming soon) and some precious Techniques and Messages for You that can resonate with:

Visual Designer

I knew that I’d become a visual designer since I can recall. And so I did, for about 25 years. Begun in 1996, I’ve been pioneer, together with Luigi De Aloisio, the digital world with Project Ekidna, who inspired the future generation of the world wide web abroad. I ranged from interaction design (both UX and UI) to corporate identity, branding and editorial art direction. In 2003 I started EKIDNA DESIGN BUREAU, in Milan, and worked with passion and professionality untill 2016, when I decided to embrace fully the challenge to become an Artist.

Blue chip clients: Moby Lines, Antonio Vallardi Editore, Reply and Assonime.
Long term collaborations: Moby Lines Group, Visconti Banqueting, Orsa Minore and Aiep (with whom I won a bronze at the European Design Awards 2009 for project iPoint).

I still hasn’t finished to put online all my works — and probably never will… sigh.

Anima Mundi

Perfection is open to everybody.
I AM one of you.
I am practicing the Possibility of Being in a Perfect Body, and in Connection with a Perfect Mind. Everywhere, Every time. Always, right here and Now.

When you think of Perfection as a part of the whole, this is the key to understand that you are perfect as you are.
I am living in the Consciousness that my Being is Part of a Unity that is splited in Million and Millions of Humans.
Here I am, Perfect as I am.


I  A.M.

Conscious Living

Together with the parts that composes your Body and Mind, there is a value in which everything is Possible. This Aspect of the Being is what I call Being Conscious: it means Being in the frequency that Allows that everything can happen, and let it Be.

You can practice this Art as well, like I do. I didn’t studied for it, I didn’t learn anything that isn’t already inside of me.

When you realize that this is part of your Path, everything spreads and flowerish at the speed that you let it Happen.
Start deciding that you Can, and let the people who are here to help you do their job.
When everything will be ready, I’ll be with you to help.
No matter what.
No matter when.


When Unity comes to your Body, it always appears to be strange.
When Unity arrives to talk to your Soul, it always seems to be “mad” or “crazy”.
Never Mind it. Listen and follow it. “He” knows what is talking about, not you.
Again, permit to Life to flow inside you and let it flows.

If you feel in the need of comparison, it means you’re still not ready to welcome your Unity. Be patient and listen and care of yourself until it will happen.

Thanks for being here to read this and be part of this Movement of Change.


Whatever you Believe or not, it is not about Religion. It’s about Faith.
Faith is when you think that something is so strongly true, that it is.
Faith is what you Believe to be possible makes it possible.
Faith is what we call “Reality” and not even understand what it means.
You are the Possibility to Change.
Your are the Change itself of the Possibility.
You are what YOU WANT TO BE.
Enjoy it.


(Anima Mundi in Domitilla Biondi, 30 giugno 2018, Italy)