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My offering of received texts can take several forms and I sometimes try to give them a shape. So far:

The one of small little booklet – each one personally handcrafted by me and available as a gift only by request – that works like a powerful tool for those who want to work on their wounded resonances. Each EXPERIENCING SOUND BOOK has a specific theme and can be used as a self-healing process. This is better appreciated by people already aware to be on a personal spiritual path.

The other is a sharing of personal experiences and anecdotes in my usual confused and funny manners, it is directed to a wider audience: people not clearly aware of what a spiritual path would be, convinced that it’s something due to a disciplined choice of like.
In Italian only, for the moment: RISVEGLIO SPIRITUALE FOR DUMMIES – come diventare un giovane Jedi, da autodidatta, available on Amazon.