Experiencing Sound Books

Experiencing  Sound Books

Experiencing Sound is a practice of conscious listening.
The Human Body is a delicate sound box of energetic resonance and the voice is the audible manifestation of its most profound part (beyond Consciousness).

When an emotion invades us, the voice changes tonality, instantly revealing the disharmonic frequency in which the higher (energetic) part of our Body is vibrating. Every emotion that is not a sense of Gratitude is a memory (energetic tie) that can be unburden.

Experiencing Sound Books contains channeled frequencies texts that works at the level of the unconscious.
They are an instrument of conscious meditation and self-healing for those who wish to practice in-depth knowledge of their Inner Self.

Each theme stems from a personal experience of the author, whose sharing becomes an offer to the Collective Resonance.

They are all handcrafted by the author, and available both in Italian and English version.
They can be ordered online and will be shipped as soon as possibile.

You can order available titles here.