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(con)Temporary Aesthetic Shamanic Act

Effectiveness is based on the concept of the Individual as a REPETITION of the Authentic Truth, represented by his own family tree, and the body of the Person as a manifestation in resonance with the various elements that compose it.

The Tataulogy™ method (from the Tahitian tatau = drawing on the human body) aims to bring out the hidden messages of one’s Family Stellation (parents & siblings), through the appearance of symbolic signs, drawn on the skin of the physical body.
Each sign is temporary and highly personal, like an invisible voice.


It promotes the Knowledge of our deepest Self: that connected to the Collective Family Consciousness which, undoubtedly, rules and influences the development of Personal Identity.

It is addressed to all those who feel the need to proceed towards an effective Change in their current life.

What it is

  • √ energetic experience of Awareness
  • √ personal growth
  • √ externalization of the Messages of the Unconscious
  • √ path to Change and Well-being

What is NOT

  • it’s NOT a tattoo
  • it’s NOT permanent, indelible
  • it’s NOT toxic
  • it’s NOT a relaxation session

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PHases of the session


The Person is given explanation concerning the theory behind the method; question and answers are the fine tuning between the consultant and the Artist.

He/she can choose if experiencing it directly on the skin (in this case is invited to wear a white bikini/underwear) or metaphorically, and in this case is invited to wear a close-fitting white T-shirt and shorts.

Nothing starts until the consultant is ready and confident.
(In this fase the consultant has the possibility to leave.)

Awareness and Connection

The Person becomes Aware of his Connection to the other members of his/her Family (and those linked to them) and lays him/herself at the center of a symbolic star that represents it. At this point he/she can eventually express out loud the cause of his/her difficulty and start listening to the body as channel for resonant signals.


The artist – who may accompanies through questions and suggestions, if necessary – begins to trace, on the various parts of the body in need of expression, symbolic signs and drawings that could emerge to give voice to the most hidden parts of the collective family resonance of which the consultant is part.

Letting flow

The most diverse and unexpected emotions can emerge, and the consultant is invited to let them express them, so that his/her person becomes a spokesperson for what has not had the opportunity to be expressed, in the suitable manner and moment, by the member of the family that is, therefore, keeping trying to do it at the level of the invisible collective.

Once this blocked energy finds manifestation, the resonance on the body of the consultant – which is expressed as a disorder or pathology (from ancient Greek pathos = physical or spiritual pain), will tend to thin out (in the near future or within a few months, depending on the complexity of the density manifested in the flesh).


The session ends when the artist feels that every element of the Family has been able to express itself about the condition dealt, and everyone is thanked, thus closing the Field.

The consultant can then take the time to get out from the channel condition, to fully return to her/himself and receive the signs that have emerged through the body.

He/she will then be free to choose whether to cancel them on the same day or to let them disappear slowly, absorbed by the skin, in the following days.


From your arrival to your departure we will need at leat 2 hours. The session itself can last 50-90 minutes, depending on the issues that emerge to give voice to.


Available every afternoon from  3 to 6 PM, on appointment only.


In Rome, Italy.
Zone: north, Olgiata area.
(train station: Olgiata. Connection from Ostiense station, Tiburtina Station, Valle Aurelia tube station).


Retreat option

It’s also possible to book a full staying of one or more days, to enjoy in depth and isolation the experience.
In the surrounding, there are villas that can offer:

  • Room with king size double bedroom, private sitting room and bathroom with shower; TV and towels included;
  • organic homemade food;
  • enjoyment of the garden during nice weather seasons.
  • connection to the center of Rome by train (Vatican area in 30 minutes) and tube station Valle Aurelia or Ostiense station (Eataly shop).

This has extra costs, starting from € 70 per 2 day / one night.



Available every afternoon,
from 3 to 6 PM.

On appointment only: check for availability with this form.

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Domitilla is a self-thought researcher of the Unity, and since several years she is developping new paths to bring awareness into those that are not keen with talking as therapeutic solution to their problems and/or Spirituality themes.
This is her – so far – method to help people to step forward into their brand new Me.

With Tataulogy, she brings together and share, all previous experiences as creative designer/artist, aestathic dancer/channel and pranic sound healer.

Contact deails:
+ 39 328 333 5637

”Innovative, powerful
and curiously emotional.”