Go Green statement

My name is Domitilla, and I am a Creator, in the maximum possibility that this term can assume: I AM practicing a discipline called Conscious Living, and this is what comes so close to sustainability themes.

The relation between the Planet and their Living Creatures has become a very Urgent aspect which involves EVERY Human Being, and those dedicated to the arts in a special way, indeed.
If you choose to recognize your responsibility toward Life, you can begin to influence the public opinion by simply taking choices that reflect the amount of your feelings towards that. Art is (p)art of this system and it should be promoted as the main practice for getting back to a deeper Connection with what surrounds us everywhere.
Those who feel the urgency to dedicate themselves to becoming Artists, are to be held and supported, and that’s the gorgeous role that many are doing, and for what I deeply thank You all.
Helping the Others to become aware of their necessity to get closer to practice a new Art is, on the other side, my role as Ambassador, which I deeply feel as a responsibility, today.

What GO GREEN means for me at the moment?
GREEN is whatever aspect that relates to the Planet Earth and how we are related to it. It’s an ancient Wisdom that each creature on this World is Connected to his/her Environment by subtle and invisible relations that are very delicate and difficult to explain. My artistic path has the mission to REVEAL this hidden connection between people and Mother Earth, in the same way that today everyone can see so clearly how we are all Connected throughout technology, which was unbelievable just few decades ago.

From my personal point of responsibility, I’ve chosen to deeply investigate this relations and discovered that we are strongly ruled by invisible liaisons (links) made of energy and frequencies. It’s a light version of what Quantum Physic nowadays is beginning to explain through recognized Sciences and stuff: energy is everywhere, and everything is made of interwoven connected energy.

Harmonic Frequencies carved into paper

Not to bother you with long explanations, I simply bring proofs of this theory by admiring my works of Art: I discovered that my inspired technique is completely influenced by the state of the quality of frequencies which my energetic Body contains: the more higher and harmonic (from the mathematical point of view, to be meant) they are, the more Beautiful and intricately logarithmic the output appears to be.
I’ve been experimenting this in different conditions and places and witnessed how each one gave a different result, related to the place, the food, the thoughts and the people that were around me in the moment I was carving.

What else to explain how important is to live in an Harmonic environment?
Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto’s studies have already demonstrated the power that the molecules of the water have when programmed by using the quality of the frequencies of a sound – by voices or thoughts – showing how the “good” ones order the matter into splendid ordered patterns while the “evil” ones lies into chaos.


What is Inside of Us, is Around Us.

I attend to show how Art it’s a way to improve the sensation of getting in touch with our deeply hidden Self and let it speaks through Us to manifest Joy, Love, Beauty and more.
This is a political statement: taking the responsibility of ourselves’ well-being and reflect it around us through our preferred technique, such Art can be, and get deeper and deeper into it, to expand our Consciousness, right Here and Now.

Green is the frequency of the Heart (meant as the energetic engine inside the electromagnetic part that composes the Human Body).
Green is Nature… do you think this is a fortuity? Nope, it is a co-incidence!

/ˈɪn.sɪ.dəns/ formal
an event, or the rate at which something happens

To co-incide means that 2 patterns share the same level of potentiality to exist, and then they get into relation and determine something to happen, as a consequence.
Can you ignore it from now on, that you are (p)Art of this Everything Around You?

I couldn’t.


Ambassadorial role.

4 elements, the Teachers

Ceramics is one of Human Being’s most ancient practice concerning the Arts of Making. It has to do with deeply mastering Soil and Water, then imprinting to them a special energy through our Majesty, and then fixing it through Fire and Air, at its best level.
This is part of the Evolution of our Species; This is (p)Art of Us as an everyday Practice that has the potentiality to re-Connect us to our deepest feeling of being (p)Art of a Whole.

I started from Paper because it’s a very romantic matter, and gave me the possibility to express my new born technique as quicker as I could. I love Paper and I always will.
But the Porcelain hit me as a Love at First sight as there are so many potentiality that it lets express more than paper, which I couldn’t not catch the challenge.
I’ve been very lucky to be contemporary of this new product (ndr. porcelain sheets), born for industrial purposes, that I quickly adopted as an artistic expression as well. I can carve it as paper and take a curious parallel between them, such as to amaze people with Surprise that one looks like the other when transformed into artwork.

To Surprise people is my innate ability.
I think this is a very important gift and I am finally able to comprehend how important it is in terms of bringing value to the entire Community instead than my person itself.
Helping people to amaze and then re-consider their well-known limits helps the entire group of co-relations to slowly move into an higher level of capabilities, helping each others, through comparison, showing and gifting those ones afterwards, with the same acquired knowledge, to go further and further.

At the beginning I thought my Art was a matter of avant-garde from the point of view of an “artistic technique”, but slightly, preparing myself to this presentation, I understood that it has more to do about being it from the point of view of what kind of Human Being you want to Be and/or Represent.
This is why I reckon to be a good Ambassador.

How can I promote this and myself throughout the known World? It is an easy answer for me: I’ve at my side 20 years of experience as professional in Visual Communication and Digital Design, so I’d channel all this into nowadays tools, as social medias (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, my Blog, etc) and a quarterly Newsletter expressing my thoughts to keep people updated about my evolution and appointments and engage them to follow me in the next future, possibly through the fairs and exhibitions where I’ll be invited to talk and exhibit.

I will share with Joy my results as an Artist and keep sharing every answer that I acquired myself with Others, so to bring more value to be spread all around the Community, as a exponential fractal network of enthusiasts about paper/ceramics and personal evolution.

Light, Love, Dedication, Sharing, Patience and Joy are my credentials.
This is what I AM.

Thank you for sharing this 10 minutes with me.
Bless you


(Channelled on the 29th July 2018, 
to explain my Role as Ambassador of Art in this Planet, 
at the moment)