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« The Internet gave us democracy in order to then took it away more easily. »

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Data Controller : Domitilla Biondi
email address:

Types of Data Collected
Among the Personal Data collected by this Website, either independently or through third parties, there are: Cookies, Usage data, email, name and surname.

The data are collected and stored on third parties as Google, Facebook and Mailchimp in order to access to their services to promote and inform about Domitilla Biondi’s activity.
Specifically by Domitilla Biondi, no commercial use of the data to third parties is contemplated at the moment of today October 2019.

User Rights
Users can exercise the rights to unsubscribe from the Domitilla Biondi mailing list by accessing through the tools offered by the services of the third party supplier’s platforms.

Changes to this privacy policy
The Data Controller reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time by informing Users on this page and, if possible, on this Website as well as, if technically and legally feasible, by sending a notification to Users through one of the contact details held by the Data Controller. Please therefore consult this page regularly, referring to the date of the last modification indicated at the bottom.

If the changes involve processing whose legal basis is consent, the Owner will collect the User consent again, if necessary.

Concerning the use of medical terminologies.

(*) Domitilla Biondi is not to be considered a doctor, psychologist or psychotherapist, and therefore is not qualified to issue diagnoses and / or prescribe treatments.
Any terminology that may be used on this site equal to “healing“, “therapy“, “symptoms“, “disorders“, “cure“, “therapist” and the like is to be understood exclusively in the energetic and / or spiritual sense and solely as a resource for increasing personal awareness or “self-healing“. Any narrated episode does not want to be an advice to be imitated.
For questions and health problems it is advisable to first contact your doctor and, only secondarily and only as a parallel support, to a professional of well-being.

In my personal experience, the term “healing” means “changing something inside”, because without reaching the awareness that something very deep into your personality needs a change of direction nothing can reach a different result, compared to what you have achieved so far by pursuing your behavior.
– Domitilla