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the heARTbeat | Multiple Collective Work of Art

Ritual #2 OPENING OF THE ART call for 21 co-creators is open!


Florence, 1-3 November 2019. More info to the page of the event.
If you feel to join my performing art project, please fill this subscription form.

Description of ritual experience in detail here | Page with details of the ritual #2 here | Facebook event here.

How You can describe the Vision of a Multiple Collective work of art?
When I try to imagine it, it recalls to my mind a giant globe of particles.

What I desire to do, it to make people aware of the importance of feeling themselves as partecipative and consciously part of this collective work of Art which Life is.
And everything started with an heart beat, You know.
So everything will start as well from a beat that has the power to Open the Heart, naturally.

This process is called Opening of the Art ritual, and it consists in making a person in direct contact with his/her energy chakra and help him/her to FEEL it again, as it would be the very first time, like when it started beating inside his/her small little body.
This (re)create a Connection with his/her Unconscious and the perception of it Consciously. From then, everything would be perceived with a different intensity and this new way of sensitivity would lead him/her to reveal the Beauty that hides Inside.

When Beauty is revealed, the Connection with Others and the Planet itself becomes so real and natural that You cannot feel Your Self as a separate Individual anymore, but You are finally reconnecting YourSelf to the Collective Intelligence that everything rules and Guides, as a Mother, as a Matrix, as Perfection.
This is the intention.


How Would I create this process?

Porcelain is a fragile material that everybody knows and trust for its preciousness.
Porcelain is the matter that we are going to link to the perception of how fragile is the separation between You and Your Heart, even if you cannot perceive it.
When you are able to – somehow – perceive this fragility, that you don’t want to face, inside of you, then the mechanism starts working differently.

Opening of the Art ritual

What I would do, is to help people to recognize itself into a work of art of those beautifully carved and placed tidily around the space. Once the person has found the one that most resonates with him/her, then a link is created and the ritual can take a start: placing the artwork on his/her chest, he/she can close the eyes and listen for few seconds to his/her heartbeat… and then suddenly feel the sensation of You breaking the porcelain in his/her hands against the chest, so that he/she can feel as the break is part of something in the Body.
Then, the trigger is pushed.
Emotions spring out and reveal what was lying under the fear of feeling his/her own fragility and the first step of the re-birth is concluded.
The rest will slowly appear day by day in the following months.


The heARTbeat

the heARTbeat work of Art sketched idea (temporary placeholder)

After having helped the person to break his/her Heart back to Conscious Life, then all the pieces of this porcelain artworks are collected – with the exception of a small piece that will be given to the person, as a remembering for the future – and used to compose a big collective partecipatory artwork.

This artwork will be composed of fragmented realities of porcelain artworks, beautifully assembled into a brand new piece of Art, which vibrates of the heartbeat of every single person that has decided to (re)Open his/her heART to this new prospective.

The result is something multi-cultural, multi-frequencies, multi-emotional Collective Art Process called HEARTBEAT, which stands for “One Love, Many beats, One Life: don’t waste it, please“.

During the development of the Year, it will be arranged a proper place where invite people to test this new art process and begin to film their emotions to, then, create a beautiful montage of every single heartbeat that rose again toward Light and Love.
The place will be a safe energetic place, and appropriate to create a good artistic scenery of this art ritual.
You will love it, in terms of Elegance and Beauty of the People that will be attracted.
I promise it.


Can You Help to co-create all this?

The very first necessity is to prepare all the carved artworks that will be the point of start of the scenography; the second important part, is to design a respectful and appropriate “nest” to welcome and contain the “new(re)born” during his/her process of Listening and re-Awakening; the third one is to safely collect all the pieces and store then appropriately for, then, creating the artwork.
This will happen in only 3 days maximum and will have the help of all the appropriate professionals that will be needed. I AM only taking care of the Presence and Feel the Light that will pass through Me to Everything Around Me.

After the 3 days of rituals, there will be the preparation of the Collective Artwork that will be ready for being a pulsing energetic center showed at the next place, so that more people will be attracted by resonance and figure what they are going to co-create in that occasion.

(Milano, 12-10-2018)


BE (p)ART of IT.

When someThing needs to Manifests ITSelf, nothing Can avoid to make this to Happen.
The Choice is between BEING IN It, or remaining apart.

When I Desire to Give Life to Something Eclatant, Nothing can be Left apart.
This is the Reason Why I Invite You to Join My Plan.

Every Part of a Collective Project has the same Importance of the Others: without One, the Others would be Null.
Every Aspect of the Prismatic Vision of How Being Part of this Desire, is equally Important to It.

My Role is that of the Creator, which is Central, that’s True.
But without the even most Marginal One, Nothing would be Possible, even for the Creator ITSelf.

So, This is Why I Call You to Join Your Role, and let this Desire to Become Real, in the meaning that EveryBody can See, Hear, Experience It physically.

I Thank You in Advance for Recognizing what is Your Specific Role, and take Your Place in this Multi Collective Work of Art.
And So IT is.


(Milano, 05-11-2018)


If You feel Resonating with this Offering of Mine, please contact me or share this page or even the presentation of the heARTbeat Work of Art project in a brief pdf version.
Very welcomed are the Offering of :

  • Location for the ritual
  • Help to organization/logistic
  • Accomodations
  • Professional figures volunteering ( video-making, space-holders, etc)
  • Sponsorships to dedicate to buy spaces for exhibit during international events.

Thanks for Your partecipation ♥