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My Dear Ones,
Always happens to Be in the Perception of Loneliness, and this is part of the Comprehention of what Being Unite really is.
What we Are – what ALL TOGETHER, I mean, we all ARE – is a Unique Possibility of Multitudinous and it’s exactly what we are, all together, experiencing Right in the NOW.
What happened is simply Perfection in Resonance, a Symphony, that multiple hands are playing with all of Us, of You, with Me as Part of It. And I’m Grateful for This, and for the Place I’ve been Given, which is ALWAYS into deep relation with ALL of US, of You, of WHO I AM.
Don’t see things happening by themselves.
Don’t look through it from the Separation point of View.
Each single Moment has been a Perfect part of the Whole: perfect for Me, in terms of the Evolution of My Person, but perfect for You in terms of evolution of Yours.
And Each Evolution is a Transformation, and each Transformation is the abandonment of the Known towards the Discovery of the not Yet Well Known, which is often eventually perceived as scary from the point of view of Rationality.
You simply listen to your Heart, which can tell You how much you are Cared and Sustained in Every Very Moment of the entire Collective Evolution and go on further, without any fear or Doubt.
Because Love is ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE and even where you’re not able to perceive it, IT is also there. In the form of adversities (in order to make you move on), of fatigue (in order to shape you stronger), of hate (in order to make you aware of choosing what’s really good for You, consciously) and threat (in order to become courageous on your path towards Perfection), and so It IS.
Be Grateful for every single Moment of Pain, as it’s the exercise you deserve to practice surrendering and trust into What knows how to shape Your Soul in order to make you proceed towards Collective re-Union and Uni-verse.
This is it.
This is ME ♡
Thanks you for Receiving.


* * *

I have been told not to bring healing into dance sessions.
What a nonsense! If not here, which is a sacred time, when?
The Dancefloor is only a pearl of a complexe necklace of healing moments of a process that each dancer has started many days before arriving to dance that day with ME, and with the Others as well. So, again, don’t see it as a Moment by itself but as a unique precious opportunity in which each person can exchange his/her energy with somebody else and contribute to unblock certains frequencies that brings suffering in his/her Life.
I AM There because I bring my offering of What I AM.
If You’re Scared of this, do not Invite Me to Be there.

I’ve been said I’m not entitled to help suffering people in their healing process.
This is very funny from my point of View, which is from the Higher Level of Sense of Collective: you’re telling me that I’m not able to sense what you – which is simply another Part of ME – what you’re feeling or suffering. As if I’d never experienced before. As if I’d no memory of all the Millions of times that it has having been vibrated into Humans’ quantic space. As if You would not Know that Above what You can See we are all United and One.
What I can reply is only very much Care and Loving passion to your mask of fear which doesn’t let ME in in you Heart to help.
Time will Be, no worries.

I’ve been told that “if we were in my ideal world, everybody would do everything that he/she feels but we live in the real world and so, please, don’t approach anybody that doesn’t already know you well“.
I AM among Those Who Are Here to make your “ideal world” become real.
Embrace Me as much as You Can and get out from your boundaries, because Unity doesn’t need them at all, and let it flow.
Thanks ♡