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Aug 21, 2018 | Messages for You.

My Dear,
We sometimes make the experience of parts of Us missing and that’s an awful sensation, that’s true.
Always recall to your Heart the Name of what/who is filling that emptiness an thank it/him/her for having share its/his/her Life with your for even such a little of time, of in the side of separation, which is simply another aspect of Being Together, in this Wonderful experience that Living into the bodies means to Us.
Again, permit to your Self to let this emptiness to go, and fill it with Gratefulness, that is the State of the Heart that nourrish and fullfill. So then, a useful exercise to switch from a state of emptiness to the one of fulfillment is to focus on the aspects of your everyday life to whom you feel thankfull of, so that your Inner Self can Open an Receive, and energy would flow again throughtout of you and fill you with Joy.

Don’t listen to your Mind… it’s such a painfull gardian of your stability! But nothing stable had changed its state in terms of Evolution, so the sorrow of accepting Fear is (p)Art of the development of Life, isn’t it?

I wish you a period of Time full of Beauty and Love ­čśÜ
And so it is.