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My Dear One
since I could Met Perfection, Freedom spread out of It.
Since I quitted Perfection, rarely all found its place.
But This Is the Meaning of the Duality, into which Being Human takes action.
Do not quest more than this about it, simply Feel both sides and be Grateful for It.
This is the Awareness of becoming One with all the forgotten Parts that are in You also.

I wish I could Move as Angels move.
I’m sure it would teach Me that what A means, is only a point of View.
And that You can Choose that point and choose to change it either. Isn’t this Freedom?

Next time that we’ll Meet, That will be in the Choice.
I send You my most Beautiful thoughts of being free from the Quest of Freedom,
so that You can see You already Are.

With Lov




The human being is an Antenna... Then, what it's receiving at the moment (what you see/feel/taste etc around you) it's the spectrum of frequencies that You have decided to receive and that it's translated into the dimension of sensitive reality.
But beyond these frequencies there is all those that are the infinite possibilities that represents Perfection and all its possible manifestation available.
Then You can choose to change the spectrum of frequencies that you want to receive, and your whole sensitive reality will change itself.