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My Dear,
If only we could be perfect, the world would not exist! 🙂
Allow youself to live the (so Beautiful!) fragility that your Being brings and let it flows out from you, passing throught your body, delicately and patiently surrendering at it without fear, because nothing wrong can exist on its own but only because of the moment itself.
Breath, love your Body, moving it patiently, so that such an effort as this sorrow can slightly move out from inside of you towards the outside of You, and spend some time listening to your Inner Self and facing little by little all those no-more-useful fears that now it’s the time when you can let them go.Music and Nature and Love and Support of your loved ones are the best therapy ever ♥

Be patient and permissive with youself… now you deserve it.

I’ll be with You during all this time, and happy to chat through technology as soon as we’ll be back to wifi 🙂

My warmest hug
Domitilla ♥