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Dear Friend, My Fiend: friend for All but not friendly to himSelf 🙂
Does this Sound of any meaning to You?
How many times did You tried to reverse Your personal need onto someone’s?
And how many times somebody’s needs have Shown Your personal Reflection in that?
So Why are You Still quarreling with the false part of Your Personality and not Listening to What You Really Are Inside of You?
You Bring Love, Light and very much Sorrow, and in Order to get to the Bright Part of Your Happy (Oh Yes, it is Happy!) of Your Soul, You definitely need to get rid of all that Sorrow that You still keep going feeling a Part of Your Personality.

There are many disciplines that works on how to heal the body – the Energetic Body – in order to let You through out all that Sorrow, all that heaviness that you so carefully protect into YourSelf.
There are many occasion and opportunities to deal with that, to face that Fear of Feeling, which is the Door for letting those old, heavy, emotions to quit.
What do you want to Choose?
Again, What do you Really Want to Bring into Your Life?

It’s not a matter of helping others’ responsability; It’s a matter of how much Time you choose to dedicate to Listen to Your Inner Self and Follow What your Heart, in its Silence, is trying to Tell You since many many years.
No matter what, no matter when, But every thing starts from there: from spotting the Sound of the Vibration of Your Heart.
This is the Path.
You can only choose the How: the technique which better fits to Your Possibilities in This right Moment of Your Life.
Dance? Singing? Art? Meditation? Cooking? Gardening?
Whatever You choose it can be it.
But stop following Your Brain and let Your Heart speak and then Follow it, without fear of Living, Hurting others, carrying the responsability of other people’s emotions and suffering. This is not your baggage, that is not your Mission.
This is everybody’s role, in order to let Your Inner Self move further into your Physical Body and helping You by Guiding your choices.
But first, You have to choose to do the First Move: healing your bodies.
Be Kind, that’s the only suggestion possible.
A big hug ♥