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My Dear New old Friend,
It’s so sweet from You to be Back to Me and Opening your Heart in such honourable way.
Thank you so much.
What I do at the moment, it’s practicing Collective Resonance, and receiving such a re-Connection from such a long time/life ago, from somebody which I not even know the face, it’s definitly the proof that at some point of Our Existance, both Time and Space Collaps into a unique Istantly Moment, and We all vibrate together, splitted into millions of fragmented realities where each of us can reflect himself and toone himself in, like You did with Your Precious Intuition of searching My Name ❤
Thank you for giving birth to this incredible New Path you’re stepping into, and I AM with You, from Now On, but Since ever.
You can slooowly begin to test what Opening the Heart means in terms of everyday life resonance: how what you feel calls back people and situations concerning your State of Being. It’s such an incredibile Experience, Life, if seen in these terms!
Your Past Life has been rich in “bad” and intense experiences… these litterally shape the form of your Personality and we All have this in-Heritage taken from the Family we choose to begin with. Generation after generation, memories of resonating emotions pass through all the people which composes an evolutive group, and goes on and on untill somebody decides to “change the direction” of this wave by consciously choose a transformation, made possible through his/her Phisical Body, and calling silently in this “play” all the members of the Family which carry that specific frequency too; no matter if past or future, they all start resonating to that “new” vibration that a single one member had the power to modify.


It sounds like Magic or sort of Dungeon & Dragon, isn’t it? But It is how Reality Works.

No matter what you are, no matter what you believe in, YOU ARE PART of this intervowen energy field that shapes EVERY THING.
So this gives you the key to understand that whatever you “called” into your personal Life, it has to do with a resonation of something going on at a Collective Level and from whose you’re Part of. You can then Suffer it, or Accept it and Believe you can bring your personal Offering – in terms of good energy – to contribute to heal IT and help those that are moving the cords at higher and different levels that from a Human point of View are “invisible” or so-called “Entities”.
This Way, We Are All part of the Game of Life and all called to bring our Possibility of Change in terms of Active Partecipation of Free Will and Power.
Can You understand What I AM saying?
I Feel very Grateful for Your Presence Today, Here and Now, and I hug you with my warmest Though.
To you soon,
With Love