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My Dear,
Now that you have had a direct opportunity to experience how the Body functions as information storage (energy is a binary question, you know?), You can start observing People and Life itself with new eyes, and observe how the laws of Resonance and Tuning regulate EVERY thing in the Universe.

You will notice that you and your Beloved have not met for Casuality but for Co-Incidence, and that your Families express in a very personal way the same Relational issues among the various members, each one with the others.

The Physical Body is a Magnificent Antenna of electromagnetic emanations, and these are influenced and, in turn, it influences whatever they have to Circumstance: people, thoughts, objects, places (because Energy has no boundaries, neither it is created or destroyed, but it can only TRANS-form its state).
In these terms, you can see how you can DECIDE what kind of energy emanations spread and, consequently, CONSTITUTE your Biological Instrument through Food (which brings frequencies at  olfactory and gustatory levels, etc.), Thoughts (which ARE frequencies) , Emotions (same), and Words (Sound is frequencies – auditory level – par excellence)… This way, every CHOICE that you operate in your daily life becomes an Active Tool for deciding and designing your Life and the Relations that it brings to you, because of resonance, throughout events and people.

Be the Creator of your Absolute Reality.
Be the God you carry within You.

So It is.